Our fave grandpa and son duo are now repping Sony’s all-new PlayStation 5 – in their own way.

In a 30-second ad from the Adult Swim show, we see them as their on-brand selves, with Rick telling Morty to basically sales talk the viewers while he counts a wad of cash seemingly given by Sony

‘Okay Morty go, talk about the thing. They paid us a lot.’

Morty then lists a bunch of the PS5’s features, like faster loading times and the controller’s haptic touch as Rick pushes to get him to reach the 30-second mark.

Morty loses his lines before admitting ‘man, Rick, this commercial is kinda boring, you know. It’s like the PlayStation is pretty cool–‘

‘Okay, we’re done,’ Rick interrupts as he finishes counting the money. ‘Go play the Playstation 5. F*** my a**’

In case you got hooked, sad to say that the PS5 is already sold out in PH since last week – as Data Blitz opened pre-orders for only five minutes.

I guess that’s all the advertising we need

rick and morty ps5, <b> Rick and Morty are the PS5’s newest endorsers </b>