Rich Brian believes everything happens for a reason in new EP, ‘1999’


A fitting message

Rich Brian just dropped his newest EP ‘1999’, which follows his second full-length album, ‘The Sailor’, released in 2019. The latest release, containing 7 new tracks, sees Brian accepting things the way they are – a relatable mindset for a year which has seen plans cancelled left and right.

In ‘Long Run’, the 88rising artist shares that it’s about trusting in the process, even when things become a bit too much.

‘Things can feel crazy or overwhelming in the moment but in the long run, things will always work out like they’re supposed to’, he shares. The same sentiment carries over to ‘Don’t Care’, which talks about being ‘at peace with what happens and accepting things as they are’.


Brian has also released the music video for Love in My Pocket‘, which garnered 1 million views under 24 hours. Stream the rest of ‘1999’ below, but remember to listen to the entire thing or else risk having RB fart on your face while you sleep.