Five *excruciating years

January 2016 were simpler times: we were still waiting on the next President, no pandemic, and Rihanna released her 8th studio album ‘Anti‘. We thought this oblivion would go on for years. How wrong we were.

Today, January 29, marks the fifth year anniversary of ‘Anti‘, Rihanna’s last album since dropping her beauty line Fenty and transforming into a business mogul in her own right. No music, just vibes.

Though she’s lent her vocals to PARTYNEXTDOOR’s 2020 track ‘BELIEVE IT’, it’s been five long years since Rhianna produced and dropped her own artistry – leaving a huge R&B Princess shaped hole in our hearts since.

Though it’s been a long time coming (and we’re all lowkey losing hope), it pays to remember that ‘Anti‘ was the product of a hiatus as well, as it was released four years after 2012’s ‘Unapologetic’.

Every time we’ve done an album, we’ve always stepped out a little bit,’ Rihanna shared with Vogue back in 2016.

‘But this time, again, we spent so much time in between albums that I needed the music to match my growth. I didn’t want to get caught up with anything the world liked, anything the radio liked, anything that I liked, that I’ve already heard. I just wanted it to be me.’

Be it four or five years, a new makeup line or album, we’re sure Rihanna’s not done creating just yet.

We’re waiting on that sunshine, girl