In another episode of ‘The Internet is Weird’, gamers from all over the world have been simping after Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu. It doesn’t matter that she’s the new big bad of the upcoming game, or that she’s probably an oversized vampire lord. People are still willing – and even hoping – to get crushed by her equally huge heels.

But if you think you could look past the evil vibes for a chance to be her beau in your next fanfic, we sadly report that there is another obstacle that stands in your way.

In response to the overwhelming curiosity surrounding her true height, RE’s art director, Tomonori Takano, recently revealed that Lady Dimitrescu currently stands at 9 feet and 6 inches, including hat and high heels.

As The Verge notes, that means she’s taller than an ostrich, most species of elephants, and Robert Wadlow, who holds the record for being the tallest human being ever at 8’11.

Dating a woman who’s a couple of inches taller than you is one thing. Dating one that could probably rock you to sleep in her arms is another. Still, who am I kidding, this is the Internet after all. If we could somehow find a relationship between a dragon and a donkey adorable, then I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a surplus of ‘She’s Dating the Giant‘ stories on Tumblr in the near future.

Resident Evil, <b> Sorry guys: Resident Evil&#8217;s simp magnet is over 9 feet tall </b>