Relying on yourself is better than forcing a picture-perfect family


Janella Salvador has been hitting headlines for the past few weeks now– and it’s not just because of Valentina. The Darna villainess is now a single mom. 

Many expressed their love and support to the actress.  however, being a single parent carries many stigmas. It’s often the “sayang ka” or “kawawa ang bata/ina”. But here’s something some people are not ready to hear: being a single parent is better than forcing a nuclear family.

Eliminating The Toxic Men

It’s undeniable that Janella has had a couple of toxic exes in her history. In 2018, she experienced an abusive relationship with Elmo Magalona. It was reported that Elmo drunkenly hurt her during a party. 

“This time, I am giving more attention to myself,” she said as she broke her silence on their breakup.

Then in 2020, Janella announced her pregnancy to the world with her now ex-partner Markus Paterson. Although the fans were disheartened about the news that she’s now parenting on her own, a recent issue sparked headlines as well:

Never [to] f*cking date someone in the industry,” said Markus in a podcast show. Fans were angered by the bold statement as this was the actor’s subtle way to announce their breakup. Knowing that his words would cause controversy, this wasn’t an issue of how to be more sensitive to viewers, but rather an issue of how he spoke ill to his ex.

Regardless of any breakup, Janella is still the mother of his child and it’s still rude to throw the shade.

Despite her painful experiences in relationships, Janella teaches us to never tolerate toxicity in any form. In her most recent interview with Bernadette Sembrano, she talked about her current challenges in life. Janella mentioned, “I don’t want it to sound bad kasi… [But] I can rely on myself na hindi ko kailangang humingi ng tulong sa iba,”

Becoming a Badass Mom

From the princess-type roles on TV to becoming a Medusa-like antagonist, Janella showed her growth on TV. The biggest factor in her self-development? Motherhood.


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Janella was raised by a single mother which inspired her to take on a more independent parent role. Motherhood is not just a title, it’s a whole career and a big responsibility. And Janella shows no sign of bother in public while juggling another big role on TV.

“We have no choice as women but to be strong because there’s a little human being that relies on us. That’s what gives me power and confidence,” she said on the topic of having to raise Jude (her baby boy) on her own.

Independence is okay

It’s time to break the stereotypes about single mothers. They’re not sayang or kulang. If the main concern in single mothers is that the child requires a father figure, then hear me out: the child’s mental and emotional health is more worth saving. Necessitating a picture-perfect family would do more harm than good not only to the kid but to the parents who pretend everything is fine in the household.


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Raising children is hard, especially single parenting. Sure there may be cons to the aspect, but Janella Salvador proves that independence is paired with better strength.

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