Relax, you can turn off Instagram’s newest “Activity Status” feature

We The Pvblic

Heads up, lurkers! Instagram just introduced an “Activity Status” feature on its direct messages tab.

That means whether you actively post on your feed or not, or passively view your friends’ stories, they would know when your were last scrolling on the photo- and video-sharing app.

The concept is a lot similar to Facebook Messenger’s “Active Now” badge, which actually gets more specific on when you last opened your messages and replied once you go idle.

Now if you’re getting iffy about people knowing if you’re actually using Instagram or not, well the good news is you can totally turn this feature off. All you have to do is click on settings, that little gear symbol on the top right corner, and toggle with the “Show Activity Status” option.

This won’t allow you to see which of you’re Insta-friends are currently active, but hey, you can do your Instagram stalking at peace.

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