WTF: Indonesia forest fires are causing blood red skies

ICYMI, Indonesia is being engulfed in a haze due to excessive forest fires from slash-and-burn methods to quickly clear land in the region.

In unsettling videos surfacing online, an eerie red haze caused by smog from the worsening atmosphere is seen over Jambi, a province in Indonesia. A resident also claimed that the fog hurt her eyes and throat


The haze has caused widespread tensions in Indonesia, from canceled flights, schools being shut down, and hundreds of thousands of citizens getting sick from skin and respiratory problems.

‘Everything is upside down. We have to have the lights on all the time, and we’re weak and feverish from the fires,’ a Jambi resident said.

This year’s haze levels have been some of the worst in years, with the damage reaching parts of the PH and causing ‘unhealthy levels‘ in Cebu.

With the Amazon rainforest fires garnering global support and awareness, the Indonesian wildfires are another necessary wake-up call in addressing worldwide climate justice.

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