Reasons why you are still single that you should be thankful for

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You see people your age tying the knot with their partners in life in the long run (I hope so). You are being invited to baby showers and even baptismals. What now? You’re just looking blankly and does not have any idea what will happen in the next chapter of your life. Romantic life to be specific. I know that you are not jealous. Wait a second even if you admit it or not, deep down you are. To make you figure things out, listed are the reasons why you are flying solo until now.

1. You are feeling the love completely.


You have a great family that gives you all the affection without having the need to look for someone to fulfill it. You are not that thirsty nor hungry, aren’t you?

2. You are too successful.


People in general gets intimidated at you. It may come to your mind that they have no balls nor the guts to talk to you. Talking about one’s pride, he/she might not be comfortable being with someone who earns more than he/she does. Unfortunately, your Relationship-o-meter says a whooping 0%.

3. You are free to do anything you want.


Being in a relationship makes you feel that you are being handcuffed.
Receiving texts saying a good morning, what you are doing, how your day went, just to name a few, makes you sick. You might say “Hey, I can manage to do things on my own without having your knowledge and permission.”

4. You are too picky.


Getting to know someone, blind dates do not work for you. You do not feel like settling for someone less than you deserve. You meet someone good-looking and when he/she talks, “What was that awful smell?”

5. You have a lot of time for yourself.


Wanna go shopping for hours without making someone wait and always look for the store’s seat? Eat the pizza all by yourself? Fine, you can freely do that?

6. You are too awesome that no one can handle it.


Need I say more?

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