Dear achievers: Sucking at your first job is totally normal


It’s ok to not have everything figured out yet.

The only thing you have to be at 23 is yourself. – Reality Bites, 1994

Following college graduation, it may seem that everything is a race. Who is the first one to get a job in the class, apply for postgraduate studies, or move abroad? If your plans don’t work out, it may easily lead to feeling left behind in life.

With the pressure of thinking ‘as long as I’m not the last,’ some immediately jump at the first job offer they receive regardless if the terms are unfavorable.

Of course, having multiple job offers is great, because many even struggle to find one. But remember: you don’t have to rush.

graduation, <b> Dear achievers: Sucking at your first job is totally normal </b>

College won’t fully prepare you for your job

Your first job after graduation will almost make you feel that you learned nothing, even when you did.

Working is so different from the sheltered and structured school environment that we all got used to. This time we truly need to fend for ourselves and still, we falter. This time, it’s not just your grades that will suffer.

The stakes are higher. One slip-up could lead to endangering not just yourself, but your company.

It’s not like you could just take a break either when everything feels a bit too much because you need to show up. Your deliverables won’t do themselves. These aren’t like modules you can say your dog ate if you weren’t able to get to them.

Orgs and internships may give you a taste of the hierarchy and professionalism, as well as applying and undergoing interviews, but even with that experience, culture shock in the real world is still inevitable.

Sometimes, you won’t even have the choice but to close your eyes to some things happening around the office and with your colleagues just to get along or belong with them.

Turns out, our profs may have been right when they assigned us into groups with members we didn’t like. You don’t get to choose who you work with but you still have to function. Even if it means sacrificing your beliefs for a short while.

However, if ever you felt this way, know that it isn’t just you. Branching out from what we were used to also takes getting used to.

graduation, <b> Dear achievers: Sucking at your first job is totally normal </b>


Don’t be too hard on yourself

There are good days and bad days to the job, that is for sure. However, having a hard time, in the beginning, doesn’t automatically mean that you suck at it. Maybe you just need a bit more time adjusting to the changes because there sure as heck is A LOT to get used to. From the moment you get your pre-employment requirements, you’ll face the realities of the adult world.

Even the best fall sometimes, especially when they’re new at things. Yes, the real world at some level DOES genuinely suck, because you deal with so much more real responsibilities, but just tread on, fresh graduate. Many have come and gone in our paths and have survived and if they made it, then we most definitely can too!

graduation, <b> Dear achievers: Sucking at your first job is totally normal </b>


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