READ: This story of a lola in McDonald’s is heartwarming

We The Pvblic

It’s the little things that matter most.

Jade Fernandez told the pvblic he was in a McDonald’s branch in Bohol with his friends when he noticed an old woman who entered the premises and sat down for a bit.

The guard approached her, asking if she wanted anything. “So the security guard called one of the staff and asked the old woman,” he recalled.

The old woman wanted to buy a meal, but she only had 25 pesos with her. What happened next was something straight out of a movie.

After a few minutes, the crew member brought food and gave it to the lola, and she insisted on giving her the 25 pesos as her payment. “The staff refused” and she thanked them dearly for their help.

The security guard had helped the old woman cross the street, taking her to her home “which is near, as the old woman said.” Jade commended the staff members and the guard who showed her compassion.

Jade told We the Pvblic after the encounter: “I felt like the happiest person because I didn’t believe there were still people who’re willing to help those in need. It really softened my heart.”

Helping others is not overrated. Keep doing everything you can to help people in need.

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