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“Gusto ko ng Garden Wedding, tapos naka pang-Prince tayo parehas na damit, akin blue, sayo red. Tapos kapag magki-kiss na tayo, gusto ko biglang may fireworks,” Jayson Alarca wrote.

This is how a couple, any couple, can love. Should love. Love is not defined by gender. Love is love. Never forget that.

June is the month for pride, for all the members of the LGBTQ community, along with our allies, to rejoice and take a stand against homophobia, and for love to prosper amidst the hate, for the mere fact that love truly trumps hate.

And this Pride Month came out incredibly well, with the extraordinary kind of love letter Jayson wrote for his partner Ren Merk Fineza.

“That’s my ideal wedding. A fairytale wedding. Alam ko nauumay ka na dahil lagi ko sinasabi yan sayo, pero I’m just giving you a hidden signal that I would like to spend the rest of my life with you,” he says in his lengthy Facebook post.

“He gets mad when I smoke a lot, gusto niya ubusin ko lahat ng pagkain sa plato ko kahit ayaw ko na, and he really dont like my cold feet when we lie together.”

Alarca added, “Ako naman, naiinis kapag nasa kwarto ako tapos nag i-spray siya ng room deodorizer, I’m quite stubborn when he wants me to stop smoking and when he wants me to finish all the food in my plate. Nag-iinarte ako when he doesn’t get water for me, and I have episodes of tantrums for no reason. IDK, parang regla levels.”

Jayson says his relationship isn’t perfect, but it’s right.


“Loving him is one of the most exciting aspect[s] of my life right now and I’ve never been this excited all my life,” he wrote.

“I literally get excited all the time. Maybe, after all my failed relationships, I realized that there’s really no perfect or ideal relationship. Relationship Goals don’t even exist.”

“But what we can have is the right person, who’s gonna come at the right time and make everything feel right. I’m just very blessed I’ve found mine. He’s my everything, I love him more than anything else and can’t be any happier than I am right now.”

The declaration of love has everyone kiligiggles and it’s only getting more love from the pvblic with over 71,000 likes and 15,000 shares.

You’d get the impression that he and Ren had been together for years. But Jayson tells us it’s only been months.

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Jayson told We The Pvblic, “Actually di pa [kami] masyadong matagal, 3 months palang pero it’s not about the quantity of time diba po, it’s about the quality of time that we have.”

Ren took his time before he courted Jayson. “We met through Facebook. Fina-follow na daw niya ako for 3 years bago kami naging friends. And then, he’s my shoulder to cry on nung nasaktan ako. From there, yung normal na usap at labas namin sa pag mo-move on ko, naging mas malalim. Then he courted me.”

When asked about words he could spare for couples who aren’t as out as they’d like to be, Alarca said, “I believe it all boils down to acceptance.”

JaysonAlarca“Some gay people, even [those] in a relationship na, in denial padin. They’re saying na tanggap nila, pero truth is hindi pa nila tanggap sa sarili nila,” he added.

“By accepting who you really are, you’ll have the courage to face whatever people say or think about you. Acceptance also opens the gate of loving who you truly are and with that, loving will be lot more easier.”

“Kaya sa lahat ng nasaktan, patuloy na nasasaktan at masasaktan palang, take it one heartbreak at a time. Use it as a lesson, dadating din si ‘Mr. Right.’ Yes, tulad ng Mr. Right ko, dadating din si Mr. Right niyo. Tiwala lang.”

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