RDJ hilariously trolls Chris Evans’ hate rant about technology

Gelo Lasin

Chris Evans has been Captain America for a good 8 years now


That’s a helluva long time to be playing an old-timey, stick-to-the-classics type of character, so it’s pretty understandable if some of Cap’s die-hard habits tend to bleed into the actor’s personal life as well.

One good example is when Chris recently ranted about how tech nowadays apparently seem to be too complicated and how he missed when things just ‘worked’ back in the good ‘ol days.


And since Twitter seemed to be in the mood for a lil bit of roleplaying today, Robert Downey Jr. tapped a certain Mark Ruffalo to try and help his best frenemy out.


ICYDK, Tony Stark/Bruce Banner has been a consistently shipped pairing among MCU fans, thanks to their character’s shared love for science plus Ruffalo and Downey’s offscreen bromance.

Here’s hoping Tony helping Cap out will lead to a badly-needed patch-up between the two when Avengers: Endgame rolls out this April 26, 2019.

Better yet, could NASA rescue Tony already so we could have more of this?


Chris Evans has replied to RDJ’s tweet and, if you think about it, he has a pretty good point. Those constant updates suuuck.