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A ‘pustiso’ is a serial fuccboi in this commercial


None of it makes sense

At this point, if it’s a commercial from RC Cola, it’s guaranteed to be weird. This time, the newest ad from the soft drink brand features a set of dentures that is apparently a serial womanizer. There’s one that got proposed to, another who stumbles onto the scene, and the last, which so happens to be pregnant.

It’s a scene straight out of fuccboi ‘horror’ stories from Internet groups such as Subtle Clown Traits. The tagline reads ‘Basta RC Marami’ and features the brand’s new product RC Qute. According to its description, the product boasts 37ml more than its 200ml counterparts in the market.

The unconventional ad is once again from ad agency GIGIL, the same peeps behind campaigns for Greenwich, Danes Cheese, Netflix’s Trese, and the original RC Cola ad that took the Internet by storm.

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