An official ‘Ramen Ichiraku’ from ‘Naruto’ has opened

Gelo Lasin

You can finally chomp down on ramen just like Naruto Uzumaki!

As per Kotaku, a licensed ‘Ramen Ichiraku‘ resto just opened last February in Shanghai, China. The noodle joint has the distinction of being the first official Naruto ramen place in the world, housing tons of items that reference the popular anime.






‘Ramen Ichiraku’, as well as its anime and manga counterpart, was inspired by a real resto in Fukuoka, Japan called ‘Ichiraku Ramen‘. Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto was rumored to have been an avid patron when he was still in college.

Shanghai’s ‘Ramen Ichiraku’ can be found at Global Harbor in the Putuo Qu district in China.

Image credits: vincccccy_hu, @spunj, @shanghaieye, @moritsuu, @_justbehappynick_2019

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