It’s been said again and again: ‘Parasite is one unforgettable film.

The Bong Joon-ho masterpiece has long been the talk of the film industry with its bold themes of class warfare and social struggle – not to mention how it’s brought Korean talents on the international stage.

This time, one small detail of the film is (literally) on the plate: that appetizing ‘ram-don‘ steak noodles prepared by Mrs. Kim during that scene.

, <b> People are really craving for those steak &#8216;ram-don&#8217; noodles from Parasite </b>

The preparation happens during a tense scene in the film, as Mrs. Kim hurriedly cooks the ‘ram-don‘ with two random noodle packs and cubes of beef. The dish almost looks like it’s going to fail given the circumstances of the scene, but it actually ends up looking delicious with its thick sauce and well-done beef toppings.

According to food blogs, the film’s ‘ram-don‘ is actually made from two popular Asian instant-noodle brands: Korea’s Chapagetti and Japan’s Neoguri.

The proper term for a combination of two different noodles is also actually ‘jjapaguri‘, as the word ‘ram-don‘ was invented by ‘Parasite’s subtitle translator so it would be easier to say for English speakers.

, <b> People are really craving for those steak &#8216;ram-don&#8217; noodles from Parasite </b>

Jjapaguri has since been featured in numerous recipe sites and Mukbang videos. Following the hype, Twitter has also tried its hand in making their own instant-noodle recipes (prepare to get hungry):





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