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Rabiya Mateo is Filipino Twitter’s most hashtagged topic in 2021 so far


There are so many events, both memorable and heartbreaking, that happened throughout the year. When it comes to the online world, these moments were encapsulated through photos, videos, words, and even hashtags. Earlier today, Twitter Philippines announced the hashtags that trended in the first half of 2021.

The annual #HashtagDay started in 2007 when its inventor Chris Messina first tweeted about it and called it a “bar camp”. For over a decade, it has helped encourage social media users to engage in entertainment, voice out their thoughts on movements, and help spark light for different communities.

hashtag, <b> Rabiya Mateo is Filipino Twitter&#8217;s most hashtagged topic in 2021 so far </b>

The hashtag that ranked at the top of Twitter’s tally was #aribarabiya, which trended when PH bet Rabiya Mateo represented the country during the Miss Universe 2020 pageant. Followed by #artph, used by people in the Filipino art community to promote their creations. Next is #bgyo, when boy group BGYO debuted earlier this year. The frenzy over the #btsmeal last April also made it to the cut.

Local fandoms also made singer #darrenespanto, actress #mainemendoza, and local loveteam #mayward trend. ATINs didn’t miss the chance for #sb19 to have their moment as well. Another topic that made the list was #genshinimpact, a free-to-play adventure game on mobile, PC, and PS4.

Last on the list, but certainly made a huge impact, was #stopasianhate. The movement stemmed from hate crimes inflicted on Asian members of the community in the U.S.A. Filipinos extended their solidarity to fellow Asians abroad.

hashtag, <b> Rabiya Mateo is Filipino Twitter&#8217;s most hashtagged topic in 2021 so far </b>

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