The ostrich that started Jumanji PH has apparently died


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One of the Quezon City ostriches that started the amusing trend of running after animals in cities has supposedly died, per Inquirer. According to its owner, Jonathan Cruz, the cause of death was due to stress. The other surviving ostrich was turned over to a government shelter by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

The initial incident saw the flightless bird being chased and eventually restrained by residents of Mapayapa Village. Apparently, the commotion began when Cruz forgot to lock the gate while he was cleaning the birds’ enclosure.

What’s being investigated now, however, is how the heck did a pair of ostriches exactly end up in Metro Manila. According to a transport permit submitted by Cruz, they – along with 10 others – were supposed to be moved from an ostrich farm in Misamis Oriental to Nueva Ecija.

But with the lack of proper documents explaining why the ostriches were kept in Quezon City, or if the owner is indeed permitted to possess wildlife, Cruz can face charges.

Still, even with the tragic news, we’re still grateful to our flightless friend for giving us a much-needed comic relief during these troubled times. Rest in peace, bud.

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Posted by Matthew Tiongco on Thursday, August 6, 2020