This dude is under fire for making fun of a PWD

Gelo Lasin

Having fun at other people’s expense is arguably the lowest point of comedy. Making fun of PWDs, however, is just downright atrocious.

An anonymous netizen recently earned the ire of social media after a vid – feat. him and his friends joking around with a child with a cleft palate – went viral.

The anon could be seen holding said child by the neck as he and his squad jeer the kid to make supposedly ‘hilarious’ pouting gestures.

The netizen then hands – or rather shoves – a 50 peso bill at the PWD for what seems to serve as payment for their own sick kind of amusement.

Watch the vid here:

The display did not sit well with the Internet, as many saw it as offensive and insensitive


Even the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) got involved

While naysayers might scream ‘It’s just a prank, bro’ re: the whole stunt, I personally believe that it takes an absolute sicko to find this kind of prank ‘entertaining.’

Poke fun at yourselves or at your friends, but NEVER at people who are at a clear disadvantage.

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