We the Pvblic: Top Stories of 2017

Gil Cadiz

We read a lot. We’re in an age where keeping up with the world is as easy as grabbing our mobile phones and scrolling through our news feed.

We read headline stories but we’re more fascinated by side stories and backstories – how or why a song was written, what inspired the making of a film, or why a person behaves a certain way.

We read about hot-button issues and avidly share our thoughts about them. We’re curious about topics and gimmicks that we find silly but are trending. We love reading stories that remind us of mankind’s fundamental goodness.

2017 was filled with these stories. Below are our most-read stories of the year. If you have read them, thank you! If you haven’t, they’re worth your time.

Sigrid Bernardo’s ‘Kita Kita’ was shown in theaters in July. We featured the trailer in May much to the kilig of avid moviegoers.

WATCH: ‘Kita Kita’ is the film you’ve been waiting for this 2017   

This is the romantic backstory of what inspired LANY’s vocalist Paul Klein to write their hit song ‘ILYSB’.

Knowing the story of how ‘ILYSB’ was made is going to make you love LANY so bad

Comfortable in his own skin, Joven Dino David trended on social media because of his papogi and pakilig antics. He announced a get-together with his admirers in Trinoma but the mall’s management was a bit of a “party pooper”.

READ: TriNoma isn’t letting Joven Dino David do his little get-together   

Twitter user Judy Garci sparked a conversation on the problematic Filipina beauty standards instituted by media.

The problem in Filipina beauty standards

How many Uber drivers would buy flowers and donuts for a rider who left their phone in their car? This story is one for the books!

#UberStories: Rider loses phone, Uber driver returns it with flowers and donuts   

There used to be some perv groups on Facebook that subjected unsuspecting women to misogynistic abuse. A woman who fell victim to these groups’ creepiness exposed them and urged the pvblic to take action.

READ: These ‘pastor hokage’ groups need to go   

Actress Isabelle Daza was clueless on the Asian etiquette of giving and receiving business cards. She mocked this practice on her Instagram story and got schooled by the pvblic the hard way.

Isabelle Daza draws flak after mocking Japanese practice of giving calling cards   

Facebook user Xave Gregorio showcased his writing skill here by recounting the day he had the fright of his life that concluded with the most unexpected twist.

Doppelgänger: This True Philippine ‘Horror’ Story has the most unexpected ending   

This is the story of Ryuko Mita who accepted a friend request from a Jasper Angelo on Facebook only to be catcalled by him and his friends.

PSA: Online Catcalling is not and will never be okay, okay?

Christian ‘Xian’ Gaza became the talk of the town when he asked actress Erich Gonzales out on a coffee date via a billboard. A twitter user who has worked with Xian was not having it and informed the pvblic as to what kind of guy she knows him to be.

READ: Someone exposed the creepy dude who asked Erich Gonzales for coffee via a creepy billboard proposal

From all of us at We the Pvblic, thank you so much for reading our stories and know that y’all are our inspiration to make our contents in the coming year bigger, timelier and edgier.

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