PUBG x Resident Evil 2 is happening and it’s friggin intense

Gelo Lasin

As if the battle royales weren’t stressful enough, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has now gone live with a new Resident Evil 2-themed mode, ‘Zombie: Survive Til Dawn’.


The crossover event introduces zombies and lickers as well as RE2 bosses such as the Tyrant (or Mr. X) and William Birkin into the mobile port of the game.

The mode sees 60 players compete in a 30-minute match that is split into three days and two nights. During the daytime, players still square off against each other and scavenge weapons, albeit with a couple of roaming zombs and lickers to serve as distractions.

It’s during the night when things get really intense, as the A.I becomes more aggressive and the darkness makes it hard to see.

Players will also need to fight against William Birkin and the Tyrant if they want access to airdrops and loot at the PUBG police station.

Aside from the new sweet minigun, participants will also get to unlock Leon, Clair, and Ada Wong inspired-skins, which IMO, is def worth the playtime.


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