PSA: Women are reporting a rise in PUA Academy stalking incidents

Gelo Lasin

Memo to all women out there: Be extra careful when you’re in pvblic, especially nowadays.

Twitter user @islandwomanrise recently made a thread in which she featured stories from multiple women who detailed creepy encounters with the notorious ‘pick-up-artist’ group, PUA Academy.


In one of the incidents, a woman who was at Fully Booked BGC apparently got approached by a member, asking her if she knew a book about ‘PUA.’

After shrugging him off, she later noticed that she was being followed by four to five men. One made several attempts to approach her from afar, but later gave up when she alerted the store’s personnel.

Aside from the multiple similar incidents, the thread reveals that one of the group’s fave conversation starters is to claim that their target reminds them of someone they know such as their sister or best friend.


For the uninitiated, PUA Academy is a dating company which teaches men various shady strategies on how to ‘hit on’ women.

The controversial group has been called out in the past for promoting the type of misogynistic culture which perpetuates language and ideologies that are prejudiced against women.

Contrary to what PUA Academy says, THIS, is what they REALLY TEACH at PUA ACADEMY!!! Grooming sexual predators. "Gusto nila nagpapaforce." – Smooth, CEO of PUA AcademyReact and Share! LET US CONTINUE TO EXPOSE this insitution that empowers men to sexually harass, and even rape women. Many victims have stepped forward. Refer to other posts on the Youth Against Sexual Harassment page for more evidence. We cannot be silenced.Snippet grabbed from one of their workshop videos uploaded on Smooth's page. The privacy setting of this video from his page is set to public.

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