It must be tough to be a government employee nowadays. As much as you want to publicly air your honest thoughts about the year-long lockdown and the ‘excellent’ pandemic response, you simply can’t.

Doing so would be similar to roasting your own boss in social media. But someone at the People’s Television Network (PTV) apparently didn’t get the memo, when the state-run entity tweeted #DutertePalpak in one of its presidential updates.

The original tweet read: ‘President Rodrigo R. #dutertepalpak BTS reiterated his order to provide free masks for the public especially to those who cannot buy their own.’

Whether it was an honest mistake or a social media manager tendering their resignation, PTV later apologized for the misstep and claimed they’re ‘investigating the intent behind this malicious post’.

#DutertePalpak trended on Twitter during the anniversary of the Philippine lockdowns, which has claimed more than 12 thousand lives and rendered 4 million others unemployed.

The hashtag was further fueled by the government’s claim of an excellent pandemic response in the midst of a recent surge that raised the country’s total cases to more than 620k.

PTV’s soc med handler:

PTV, <b> PH&#8217;s state-run network just roasted their boss </b>