PSA: Mall-goers, watch out for this Makati ‘crush modus’

We The Pvblic

Ladies, if you ever find yourself in Makati’s mall complex area, which includes the malls SM Makati, Glorietta, and Greenbelt, be extra vigilant!

There seems to be one guy going around these malls, targeting women who are found walking alone in the area. The guy was said to be wearing a corporate attire, convincingly looking like a Makati worker.

Makati modus, PSA: Mall-goers, watch out for this Makati ‘crush modus’

“One time, while I was walking alone in Greenbelt, a random guy asked me for directions. Told him where to go then he left to find the place. I noticed he didn’t what I said. He stopped, went back to me and said ‘ano kasi, kamukha mo yung may crush sakin,’” a female Facebook user, who refused to be named for security purposes, wrote on a post.

It’s a good thing she got a gut feel about the guy and rushed to hide in a store after encountering him. “Recently my friend was walking alone in Glorietta, the same thing happened to her. Same story, the guy asked for directions and told her the same thing! Kamukha rin daw niya yung may crush sa kanya,” she added.

There are no reports of girls falling for this new Makati “crush modus” and we hope no one will ever  be. Whether it’s a modus or a line to get a date, it’s just plain creepy and dangerous. It just goes back to what we’ve been told since we were kids: DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS!