It’s no secret that the lockdown hasn’t done our creative juices any favors. After all, isolation and the absence of normalcy aren’t exactly the best motivators out there.

Still, we have done our best to adapt, with some even performing wonders despite the less-than-stellar circumstances. Case in point, power duo Leanne & Naara, who managed to drop their debut album ‘Daybreak’ in a year that saw the music scene struggle to survive.

‘It’s definitely not easy to escape certain problems especially during this time’ said Leanne. ‘What we could do is transform that negative energy into something beautiful, like music’.

Leanne notes that their struggles strengthened their bond as an act, as it proved they had each other’s backs.

‘We tried to keep each other inspired, just lifting each other up and keeping the friendship strong. Do your best to keep the inspiration going’.

bye2020, <b> We asked productivity tips from artists who dropped music during lockdown </b>

Solo acts Zack Tabudlo, Miguel Odron, and Fana were also no strangers to ruts. Miguel, who dropped his dreamy single ‘Chevy Cruze’, said that he gets his songwriting ideas from life experiences, which have now been relegated to feelings of nothingness.

‘Being stuck with the same four walls has been challenging in terms of motivation’, said the Idol Philippines alum. ‘Nothing is going on’.

His solution? If the usual creative avenues aren’t panning out, take charge and do something different.

‘Go out and paint with your feet, Google how to make soap, do anything to take yourself out of the sinkhole you’re in. Try a different creative context if the old one’s not working’.

It’s an idea that Zack and Fana agree with, having released Nangangamba’ and ‘Out’ respectively. For Zack, it’s worth checking out what worked for others who got over the hump.

‘As a producer, it helps a lot if you have tons of references for your writing. Even with the pandemic, people are making new music’.

bye2020, <b> We asked productivity tips from artists who dropped music during lockdown </b>

As a dreary 2020 comes to a close, here’s hoping we can all carry this same type of positive mindset into next year. And what better way to jumpstart that energy than a year-ender concert saying goodbye to all of our bad vibes.

MCA Music Inc, together with Sony Music and Warner Music, will be holding BYE2020 – a six-hour digital festival that will be streamed live on Dec 31, 7 PM.

Aside from our fivesome, the concert features an absurd lineup, which includes Ben&Ben, SB19, Moira, Darren Espanto, The Itchyworms, Kean Cipriano, Fern, and more.

The best part? It’s free to stream on BYE2020’s Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktok channels. You can upgrade your experience by purchasing Zoompit tickets, which give access to backstage content and perks, as well as a merchandise package. You can buy tickets here.