This priest had no bitter feelings during his ex-girlfriend’s wedding


Crossing paths with your former lover isn’t the most ideal situation, and it’s even more surprising if you see them at the altar. Case in point: a Filipino priest and vlogger Fr. Roniel Sulit documented how he delivered the homily during the wedding of his ex-girlfriend named Korina.

Sulit’s vlog can’t be seen on his YouTube channel anymore, but the video was reposted on Facebook and garnered almost a million views as of writing. It took a while before officiating priest Fr. Jansen arrived during the ceremony, and that’s when Sulit stepped in to give a short sermon.

He shared that Korina sent a photo of her engagement ring and told him that he now has content for his vlogs. The vlogger-priest admitted he was nervous before saying, ‘Para madali ho at kayo’y makasal na, si Korina ho ay aking ex.’ 

Sulit’s revelation received laughter and claps from the audience.

Sulit threw in a few jokes in between and said he would shout “Itigil ang kasal!”, but also took it back quickly and explained how that only happens in movies. He clarified that his relationship with Korina is all in the past and wished the couple a happy marriage.

The vlogger-priest also said, ‘Iba-iba tayo ng bokasyon. Mayroong pagtawag para sa pagpapari, ‘yung iba’y tinatawag para sa pag-aasawa. Kanya-kaya ‘yan ng pagtawag mula sa Panginoon.’ 

‘Wala itong bitter feelings, lahat ay masaya,’ he added. ‘Kami ay magkaibigan at pwede pa rin namang magdamayan kahit may kanya-kanya ng buhay.’

Sulit goes by the name Fr. Roniel El Haciendero on his YouTube channel, containing vlogs that show his day in a life as a priest, a glimpse of the seminarian life, and many more. He has over 136,000 growing subscribers.

Priest ex-girlfriend, <b> This priest had no bitter feelings during his ex-girlfriend&#8217;s wedding </b>

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