These funny ‘President Nadine Lustre’ memes are just PURE gold

Gelo Lasin

Who isn’t in awe with Nadine Lustre?

The 24-year-old is a multi-hyphenate who can seemingly turn anything into gold. Blockbuster films, catchy mixtapes, this lady can do it all.

And because we all deserve a role model that slays just as well as she does, the pvblic has decided to hilariously stan Nadz as the official President of the Philippines – and we’re living for it.

She even already has her own Presidential Portrait


OPLAN: Magtanim Ay Di Biro


Her official statement on the Darren Espanto x Juan Karlos issue


Even our dear Panginoon is a fan


Why wouldn’t He be?

With platforms like these, we stan Pres Nadz for multiple terms


Her Excellency is the key to peace


Just the Prez saving us from wrinkles and dry skin


Let’s not forget the First Gentleman, James Reid


The First Family in action


Prez Nadine is our all-seeing, all-knowing savior


Book it #Lustre2022


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