Here we go again

In the newest episode of ‘make it make sense’, our fave softboi/president Rodrigo Duterte opened his latest pvblic address with another tirade against Vice President Leni Robredo.

For the first 20 minutes of an hour long briefing, our top chief inaccurately accused Robredo of spreading calls of #NasaanAngPangulo, a viral hashtag which called out Duterte’s supposed absence during the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses.

Duterte reiterated that he was occupied with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit at the time, and that he was still working with government officials despite his attendance. He went on to accuse Robredo of pretending not to know of his whereabouts.

‘She made a blunder. A big one. She practically lied, making her incapable of truth’, vented Duterte.

Duterte, <b> Malacañang softboi projects his insecurities for 20 mins straight </b>

However, our Prezzo seemed to have been projecting his own shortcomings, as Robredo never made such false claims. Instead, #NasaanAngPangulo was jumpstarted by local Twitter, with no evidence to support that it was initiated by the VP or her camp.

‘I never said “Where is the President”? You can review all my tweets’, tweeted Robredo. The VP was more diplomatic in her rebuttal, surmising that someone misled Duterte, leading to his outburst.

Duterte’s rant didn’t stop with the false accusation. Ever the ‘charmer’, the President also made misogynistic jabs about which house Robredo comes home to in the night.

‘Isang bahay ka lang ba? Dalawang bahay ka? Tatanong lang ako. Kay congressman ka. Kaninong bahay ka natagalan?’, queried Duterte.

What the unnecessary remark has to do with the briefing, which was supposed to tackle the massive casualties and destruction left behind by Typhoon Ulysses, still eludes us.

Duterte also accused Robredo of ‘doing nothing’, another misleading claim, as the VP was most recently spotted handing out supplies in evacuation centers in Tuguegarao City.

Duterte also warned Robredo not to compete with him, because apparently, being charitable is some sort of a pissing contest now? Add in the threats to derail Robredo’s hypothetical presidential campaign, and we’ve got the definition of ‘What tf is going on?

‘Nagpapa-beauty ka. This is not the time for you. During the [2022 elections] campaign, papaalis na ako, sige subukan mo’, warned Duterte.

‘When you start your campaign, kung magtakbo ka ng Presidente, waswasan kita ng husto. This is your nightmare’.

Duterte, <b> Malacañang softboi projects his insecurities for 20 mins straight </b>

As is the usual, Duterte’s response to his inadequacies is to puff his chest and lash out with insults and lowblows. While he is open with his faults (see: inutil ako), he is content to leave them as they are for sympathy points, rather than allow others to pick up the slack, in fear of being outperformed.

What seems to be lost on our Prezzo, and always has been since the beginning of his term, is that doing right by the country is not meant to be a popularity contest. Instead, it should be a collaborative effort towards the betterment of the Filipino people, regardless of who gets the credit.