Here’s a lesson for you kids courtesy of our fave sadboi: Life is a matter of perspective.

It’s something we’ve been continuously reminded of nowadays. Due to privilege, some might see the lockdowns as a vacation. For the less-unfortunate, it’s a hellhole. You might scream and label commuters as pasaway from the comforts of your couch. But for them, they simply have no choice.

You might place a candle on a cup of rice to convey an image of ‘simplicity’ for your birthday. You’ve hitched on this ‘everyman’ persona for so long. You’ve been open in the past in claiming you’re inutile. Or that you’re tired and want to resign from a job you openly campaigned for.

Now, you’re asking everyone to believe that you can’t afford to buy a cake, despite being the most powerful man in the country. A true sadboi, one your followers are all too willing to fall for.

But as revealed by the Internet, nothing screams ‘simple’ than actually having a crapton of food on your table, including an entire stock of lechon. Turns out, the birthday rice is only a minuscule, pretentious, misleading, and frankly, pitiful facade – a description that amusingly also applies to things (or people?) outside of food.

Again, propagand-erm, I mean, ‘perspective’.

Duterte, <b> Malacañang sadboi teaches us the value of perspective </b>