PPAP singer drops new song to promote hand-washing

Well, it’s timely

Pikatora, the OG singer of the 2016 ‘Pen Pineapple Apple Pen‘ meme, has released a new song that’s relevant as hell – albeit totally cringey for today’s standards.

In the new video titled ‘PPAP-2020‘, Pikotaro is once again donning his leopard-print attire, but this time forgoing the pen pineapple combo for ‘soap‘ and ‘hands‘.

‘I have a soap! I have a hand! Wash wash wash (x12)’. Deep stuff.

ppap hand wash, <b> PPAP singer drops new song to promote hand-washing </b>

It’s the same old song and dance, as he enthusiastically croons about proper hand-washing techniques and how to follow the recommended 20-seconds. It’s enough to send us into a fever (meme-r?) dream of the simplicity of the good ‘ol days about 4 years ago.

Despite being a nostalgic cringefest through and through, he ends the minute-long song with a newly positive message – as PPAP apparently now means ‘Pray for People and Peace‘.

You got us there, Pikotaro