Pornhub Premium is now free for everyone worldwide


Pornhub Premium is going global

To further promote physical distancing, adult website Pornhub is now offering their premium membership to everyone in the world

The decision comes after Pornhub granted Italy, the now-epicenter of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), free premium access a few weeks ago.

‘Since COVID-19 continues to impact us all, Pornhub has decided to extend Free Pornhub Premium worldwide until April 23rd,’ the site shared on their Instagram.

‘So enjoy, stay home, and stay safe 🔥 Pornhub dot com slash stayhome’

To access the free premium membership until April 23, users only need to go to Saved you a type.

Normally, the premium subscription costs $9.99 (PHP500+) per month, or $7.99/m (PHP400+) with a year-long package.

It also comes with zero ads, faster loading (see what I did there), high-speed downloads, higher video quality, full DVDs, and ‘discreet billing‘ – whatever that means.

Along with the worldwide free premium, Pornhub has also donated 50,000 surgical masks to New York City – a now-major COVID-19 location in the United States with 129 positive cases.

Stay hydrated and enjoy, people

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