Pope Francis’ IG just liked something not so holy

‘At least I’m going to heaven’

In another episode of ‘Much Needed Laughter‘, Pope Francis had the Internet in stitches when his official Instagram account was caught liking a sensual photo by IG model Natalia Garibotto. Barstool Sports shared a screen capture on Twitter showing @francisus as one of the likers of the post, which features Garibotto in a provocative school girl outfit.

Garibotto herself then quoted the tweet, writing ‘at least I’m going to heaven‘.

In an interview with Barstool, Garibotto shared how it feels to seemingly capture the eye of someone who is basically God’s right hand man. Her response, one worthy of the scriptures, was simply ‘My mom may hate my ass pics, but the Pope be double tapping’. Garibotto might not be a prophet, but she definitely has a way with words.

The Pope’s IG has since rescinded its ‘like’, but tbh, we really can’t fault him for this one. Not only is he progressive compared to his predecessors, as shown with his supportive stance on same sex couples, falling for the thirst trap that is Instagram is pretty normal. It happens to the best of us.

Pope Francis, <b> Pope Francis&#8217; IG just liked something not so holy </b>