LOOK: Policemen allegedly tried to execute this pedicab driver

Gelo Lasin

In one of the most disturbing threads on Twitter today, Ezra Acayan shared the story of a pedicab driver named Roger Herrero who survived after policemen allegedly tried to execute him for crimes he didn’t commit.


According to a police report, Roger supposedly shot at and fled from the police after being accused of robbery.


The pedicab driver, however, disputed the claims and presented a different story.


The incident left Roger with a shattered jaw – and a litany of problems


But Twitterverse stepped up and funded Roger’s surgery.


According to ABS-CBN news, Roger was in the company of a certain ‘Aga’ when the incident went down.

‘Aga’ apparently tricked the former into selling stolen cellphones. After realizing the deception, the pedicab driver refused to continue the deed, and was instead, coaxed by his once trusted friend into accompanying him to a certain location.

As soon as they arrived, Roger was abducted with ‘Aga’ supposedly fleeing the scene.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has since launched an investigation, with the Quezon province police assuring that they will cooperate with the investigative team.

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