On the anniversary of Martial Law, police stop a screening of an ML film in Pasay



This year marks the 50th year of the proclamation of Martial Law 

September 21 is a sullen day for the Philippines as once again, the country remembers a dark and tumultuous time under the regime of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

On its remembering, Filipinos make a continuous effort to raise the heavy yet necessary discussion about our history and past that others force us to forget or move on from.

The Filipino will never forget, no matter how hard some try to erase what happened from our minds. This instance was seen yesterday.

Pasay City PNP allegedly halted the showing of a Martial Law film in Barangay 178, Pasay by the Kabataan Partylist as part of their ‘AlternaTV: Ang Katotohanan sa mga Marcos at Martial Law’, mobile film event with Altermidya.

In a video circulating on the Internet, the event organizers showed they were complete with a permit for renting out the covered court, but non-uniformed personnel showed up and stopped them.

The group was screening Kip Obena’s ‘Liway’ and sharing other Martial Law materials such as the ‘Pinoy Weekly’ newspaper, but their materials got confiscated too as seen on the video.

Kabataan Partylist representative Raoul Manuel stated in an interview with ABS-CBN Teleradyo that the law enforcers stopped the event as the “Malacañang would not like it”.

However, Pasay City Chief of Police Byron Tabernilla disproved the accusation and said they halted the event due to social distancing violations. Rep. Manuel did not believe it, claiming that the police were just giving excuses.

Hindi makatotohanan ang sinasabi ng kapulisan. Limang ahente nila ang pumunta sa venue kahit ang event ay in coordination sa barangay officials. Meron pang nang-video at may isang nagpakita ng baril.” 

Manuel added that their video is enough proof of what transpired.

Additionally, Renato Reyes Jr. BAYAN’s Secretary-General criticized the actions displayed by the Pasay city police.

To this day, the Martial Law era is considered to be one of the most known instances of human rights violations with 275 victims killed, 35,000 individuals tortured, and a total of 70,000 incarcerated.

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