The police just treated another journalist as a threat

Between the mañanitas and the fatal treatment of a war veteran, it’s safe to say that the pvblic doesn’t have that much faith in cops. A recent story by reporter Mark Makalalad isn’t going to do any favors.

In a viral post, the DZBB reporter shared how he was intimidated by the police during a routine traffic report. The officers questioned his media credentials and insisted that he needed to seek permission before filming live.

Makalalad was incredulous, saying that it’s the first time he heard of such a rule in all of his reportings. He prodded if this was a directive from Joint Task Force (JTF) – COVID Shield, which implements all quarantine policies.

‘Hindi naman po sir, pero kailangan nyo po ng coordination kasi vinideohan nyo po kami’, said the police.

Today’s experience:I was doing a live traffic report in Marcos Highway (Marikina area) earlier, when a group of 4…

Posted by Mark Gene Makalalad on Thursday, June 25, 2020


Makalalad showed evidence that the cops weren’t caught on tape, and asked if an ordinary citizen such as a vlogger would be given the same treatment.

‘Baka kasi sir kalaban ka’, said one officer, a reply which vexed the journalist.

Still, the conversation ‘ended peacefully’, but just to make sure, Makalalad contacted JTF Commander Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar regarding the incident. The latter confirmed that such instruction doesn’t exist.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) echoed the sentiment, adding that they would seek clarification with the Marikina Police as they see the media as an ally.

The iffy treatment of reporters isn’t unheard of. Earlier in the year, GMA’s Jun Veneracion had his phone snatched by a general no less while covering the annual Traslacion. B/Gen. Nolasco Bathan swore he wasn’t the culprit, but could be heard ordering his men to delete the clip on-cam.

makalalad, <b> The police just treated another journalist as a threat </b>