We found the perfect polaroid for your selfie needs


If you want to keep your memories in the palm of your hands – you literally can! Polaroid released their smallest (and cutest!) camera ever, the Polaroid Go.

The micro-mini camera’s dimensions are around four by two inches. Despite its tiny structure, this device has some add-ons that you can play with. The features include a selfie mirror, self-timer, and a dynamic flash. The best thing is that it has a long-lasting battery that comes handy if you’re always on the go.

When it comes to the film size, Polaroid Go has a new format because of its smaller built. Sadly, you can’t reuse the larger ones if you already have a bundle. If you preorder the camera, you can get the Color Go film that measures 2.63 x 2.122 inches with an ASA of 640. With that, your photos will turn out perfectly in brighter locations or with the flash on.

You can avail the Polaroid Go for preorder today for $119.99 (approximately P5999) with film included. At the same time, the camera itself is at $99.99 (approximately P4950) and will be available on April 27. Visit Polaroid’s official website for more details.

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