Pokemon drops adorb ASMR videos featuring Charmander and Chespin


ASMR nerds, rise

The Pokémon Company has recently released its own version of ASMR (auditory sensory meridian response) videos featuring 2 of our fave Pokemons.

In an adorb mukbang-style video, grass-type Chespin is quietly eating Poke Puffs (complete with crunches and chewing), while their other ASMR vid shows Charmander chilling out by a tingle-inducing campfire.

Gaining a steady following a few years ago, ASMR videos are known to trigger a euphoric tingling when certain oddly-satisfying sounds are heard – think ‘head orgasm‘.

Listen (and try not to get tingles) to ‘Chespin’s Happy Snack Time‘ and ‘Charmander’s Fireside Slumber‘.