You can soon ride eco-friendly, Filipino-made PNR trains

Gelo Lasin

First of all, every time the words ‘new’ and ‘train’ are both used in a sentence, it’s always a cause for celebration. I mean, we don’t exactly have the best railway systems in the world, do we?

However, this lil bit of news is def extra special. You see, the Philippine National Railways (PNR) is set to debut a hybrid electric train, made by Filipino scientists from the Department of Science and Tech (DOST).

Apart from being a fresher and more convenient option for traffic-weary commuters, the hybrid train is a cool way to lower harmful carbon emissions produced by a city that currently ranks 15th on the World Pollution Index.

The 120 million peso train is expected to travel from Tutuban to Alabang starting March 1, according to a tweet from News5.


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