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According to the Internet, this PNP video feels like a porno


Look, we hate dirty cops just as much as the next guy. Probably just as much as PNP Chief Guillermo Eleazar. It sure seemed that way when the PNP released footage of Gen. Eleazar scolding tf out of murder suspect/former police officer Hensie Zinampan.

Zinampan, as you may recall, previously made headlines for a video that sees him killing a 52-year-old woman while intoxicated. As with every high-profile suspect, a photo-op is in order. This is to showcase how the PNP, with its notoriously iffy history, is so gosh-darned serious when it comes to cleaning their ranks.

So Gen. Eleazar manhandling Zinampan on camera isn’t that far off from the PNP playbook. But the thing with this video is that it just feels…off.

Maybe it’s the weird cupping of Zinampan’s mouth. Or the awkward touching of his chest. Probably even, quite-frankly, the less-than-enthusiastic repeated bumping of the suspect against the wall.

But it just feels… fake? Like it’s an audition video for a new BL series. Or proof that the PNP needs more acting workshops. Most of the quote tweets on the vid above say it reminds them of a porno. Or that they’ve seen better scenes from one. Their words, not ours.

But again, the inauthentic vibe might just be on us. Maybe Gen. Eleazar DOES feel like beating the crap out of Zinampan – much like the rest of the public, tbh. Cops and cameras might not just be a good fit overall – you know, for photogenic reasons.

PNP, <b> According to the Internet, this PNP video feels like a porno </b>

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