‘PM is the key’ is the motto of ‘Evil Sellers’, says DTI


You have to admit that those monthly sales convinced you to go online shopping at least more than once. But when it comes to brands on other platforms like Instagram, most sellers don’t really disclose product prices.

Due to some online stores’ constant habit of not publishing their prices, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently posted a light-hearted reminder for online sellers to display the amount since it’s illegal not to do so.

The recent notice on DTI’s Facebook post came with a trendy meme and a statement that reads, ‘Tandaan na ipinagbabawal ang pagbebenta ng anumang produktong walang price tag, label, o marking ayon sa Article 81 ng Consumer Act o RA 7394.’

Article 81 of the Consumer Act of the Philippines states, ‘It shall be unlawful to offer any consumer product for retail sale to the public without an appropriate price tag, label or marking publicly displayed to indicate the price of each article and said products shall not be sold at a price higher than that stated therein and without discrimination to all buyers.’

While the Consumer Act was implemented in 1992, it also applies to online stores since it was created to protect the interests of the consumer and establish standards of conduct for business and industry. To make things simple, interested buyers ideally shouldn’t comment ‘Hm?’ (how much) or receive a reply saying that “PM is the key”.

This isn’t DTI’s first time posting a reminder, but it noted that people can head to the department’s Complaint page and submit details of brands that don’t follow the provision for them to review.

Those who violate Article 81 for the first time will receive a fine of not less than P200 but not over P5,000 or by imprisonment of not less than a month but not over six months. It’s also possible for the violator to be subjected to both at the discretion of the court.

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