If there’s one good thing that happened since Miss ‘Rona’s arrival in the world, it’s that plastic production declined by 0.3 percent in 2020. While it may seem like a tiny amount, it surely means a lot to mother earth.

The first plastic production decline occurred due to the 1973 oil crisis, followed by the 2008 financial crisis, as explained by ABS-CBN News. Recently, worldwide output declined to 367 million tons in 2020 from 388 million in 2019.

PlasticsEurope explained in a statement that the slump stemmed from “the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy.” Europe’s production of new polymers dropped 5.1 percent at 55 million tons in 2020. However, China resumed increasing by 1.0 percent. Their country also lands in the third spot in plastics production worldwide.

, <b>Worldwide plastics production declines amid COVID-19 pandemic</b>

The automobile manufacturing industry, one of the biggest consumers of plastic, also fell by 18 percent in Europe in 2020. Additionally, the 27-nation EU now accounts for only 15 percent of global plastics production. It declined from 21 percent in 2010.

Just a few weeks ago, a Filipino oceanographer and an American explorer had their first-ever journey to the Philippine Trench. Initially, they were on the lookout for what the deep sea has to offer, but spoiler alert: they found plastic at the bottom.

, <b>Worldwide plastics production declines amid COVID-19 pandemic</b>

Banner: Unsplash/Brian Yurasits