LOOK: Plastics already litter newly-opened Boracay

Gelo Lasin

It seems like we never truly learn, do we?

Just a few hours into Boracay’s 10-day test run, garbage can already be seen littering the newly rehabbed island’s beachfront as shared by netizen Cherie Mercado.

Few hours after the dry run started for the reopening of Bora, a resident took pictures of plastics back in the beach front ?Seryoso ba kayo? It’ll take two weeks to make it dirty once again! ?‍♀️

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Cherie Mercado‎‏ في الإثنين، ١٥ أكتوبر ٢٠١٨


Boracay’s reopening follows a six-month cleanup process which aimed to restore the famed tourist spot to its former glory after years of over-commercialization and neglect turned it into a cesspool.

The disappointing display opened up talks about the concept of discipline among Filipinos.


On the upside, there are garbage bags situated throughout the island…

For the love of god, use them.


And the island’s waters are now declared fit for swimming


Please, guys, let’s try to do better this time, alright?