A downright bop

Everyone’s fave underground Japanese bop,  ‘Plastic Love‘, is now officially available on Spotify. After being exclusively heard from YouTube since the beginning of time (around 2002), the song has finally lifted its regional block to include worldwide streaming.

Garnering almost 47M views since its reupload in 2017, Mariya Takeuchi’s song has been a staple of gold-tier YouTube songs – and now hopefully set to reach a much wider audience through Spotify.


ICYDK, the YT video was originally taken down in 2016 after being striked for copyright claims, but it was reintroduced on YouTube after much backlash.

‘After a few conversations and trade of information we’ve settled an agreement, and currently, he has removed the claim and YouTube has restored the video,’ explained the song’s original uploader, Plastic Lover.

Meanwhile, the song itself was released by Japanese singer Mariya Takeuchi in 1984 as part of her debut album ‘Variety‘. With a mix of Japanese city pop, funk, and good old fashioned nostalgia, it’s since sealed its place in the Internet’s collective memory – and Japanese aesthetic playlists.

Listen to it (legally) here

Banner graphic by Beatrix Zaragoza