This plant can take better selfies than you


Meet Pete: Your garden-variety fern equipped with a camera and microbial fuel cell device that allows it to take its own selfies.

Pete’s selfie skills are made possible by scientists from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) in a move for wilderness conservation. The project is gunning for plants to power sensors that can assess their own environment and monitor hazards before it happens.

Pete can take snaps of his stems and leaves for now, but ZSL is hoping to save entire rainforests with the tech.

Pete the selfie king fern

Pete has surpassed our expectations and is currently taking a photo every 20 seconds — he’s been working so well we’ve even accidentally photobombed him a few times!‘, said a researcher from ZSL. A selfie every 20 seconds? Talk about vain, Pete.

Pete is the first of its kind to try the tech, as ZSL aims to run a second trial in the near future.

See Pete’s selfie skills:

Selfie of plant


Plant selfie