Hacked? Pizza Hut PH causes stir for spamming people on Instagram


Pizza Hut Philippines might’ve just gotten a crash course on Internet 101: Keep your passwords secure.

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The pizza chain recently created quite a stir today when its Instagram account began randomly spamming people on the platform. YouTubers Erika Rabara, Andre King, and spoof site Senyora Santibanez all called attention to the snafu.

The overzealous likes had followers confused, as it doesn’t appear to have any rhyme or reason. A good guess is that the account got hacked, which means a social media manager out there is in big trouble. Others think it’s a lowkey promotion for a new offering, seeing as Pizza Hut isn’t averse to weird promotions.

And while the brand has yet to comment, we speak on behalf of the Internet when we say: hire a millennial to craft better passwords Pizza Hut and please, spam us with free pizzas instead next time.



Anong meron sa Pizza Hut? Bakit ini-spam nila ako? 🤔 (Well alam ko namang maganda ako.) Anyway, anona? Spam spam na lang ba Pizza Hut? Dami kong Top Fans oh. Abangers mga yan sa Pizza 🍕!! Baka naman diba.

Posted by Senyora on Monday, February 24, 2020