Here’s what the perfect cast of a Pinoy Meteor Garden looks like, according to the pvblic

Gelo Lasin

Did your pick make the cut?

With Meteor Garden 2018 in full swing, the pvblic couldn’t help but wonder, just how awesome would it be if we had a Pinoy version of the successful franchise?

And with tons of talented local actors at our disposal, Inside Showbiz asked the pvblic to determine who would be the best fit to give justice to the roles – specifically Shan Cai, Dao Ming Si and Hua Ze Lei – and boy, did they answer.

Donny Pangilinan as Dao Ming Si

Bangkok iz lit

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Who he bested:

Tony Labrusca

Charles Kieron

Taking a Break ⚡️

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Tony Labrusca as Hua Ze Lei

I’m smiling on the inside ✌? #shotbymik @shotbymik

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Who he bested:

Donny Pangilinan

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Charles Kieron

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So yeah, the pvblic’s picks pretty much revolved around the same 3 actors. The fiercest debate however, was about the actress who should play Shan Cai.

Kisses Delavin as Shan Cai

Who she bested

Maymay Entrata

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Altho people were REALLY stanning Sharlene San Pedro





 Do you agree? Who’s your pick?