Man, Pia Wurtzbach’s wax figure has some freakishly long fingers

Gelo Lasin

ICYMI, Pia Wurtzbach just revealed her Madame Tussauds wax figure.

Twitter – @ANCAlerts

It’s a historic event, considering Queen P is the very first Filipina to be immortalized in the museum. The replica, overall, is amazing as it’s pretty darn lifelike.

The concept for the pose is even better, as Pia reportedly wanted people to ‘experience what it’s like to strike your most confidently beautiful pose and receive the crown yourselves.’

Twitter – @charles_dol

Although, if I could just nitpick here for a bit, the fingers could use a little bit of work. I mean, is it just me, or do they look waaayyy too freakishly long?

Facebook – Madam Lucy


Instagram – @piawurtzbach


FB – Madam Lucy

Now, I don’t know Pia personally, nor have I spent enough time looking at her to know if she does have salad fingers. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. Maybe it’s the camera playing tricks on me.

At the end of the day, who the hell cares, really? Pia is such a gorgeous human being that I doubt anyone would give a damn even if she didn’t have any fingers at all.

So yeah, carry on.

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