Who knew becoming a province of China would be this funny?


When Vice President Sara Duterte greeted the People’s Republic of China for its 73rd founding anniversary, it marked the first time that a top Philippine official delivered a speech in Mandarin.

The VP thanked China for being a “generous neighbor” and assisting with PH’s economic recovery during the pandemic. Duterte said she looks forward to forging more partnerships with a country that is a world leader in economy, research, technology, and manufacturing.

Normally, such a show would be greeted with either fascination for being a “well, that’s new” moment, or apprehension for chumming with a neighbor who bullies Filipino fishermen on their seas.

But simping to China is a normal day for the Dutertes, even if Duterte Sr.’s defeatist attitude netted middling benefits but bigger disadvantages for the Philippines on a national scale.

So instead of popping a vein over our newest step into becoming a province of China, the Internet embraced the sentiment, and churned out these hilarious memes that answer our “What Ifs”. Hey, if we’re losing our dignity and sense of identity anyways, we might as well laugh while doing it.

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