Philippines is 25th country with the most billionaires

Gil Cadiz

US-based title lending company TitleMax has released an infographic on the Top 25 Countries with the Most Billionaires.

Topping the list is the United States with 565 billionaires. Taking the second place is China with 319 while the third spot goes to Germany with 114.

The Philippines took the 25th spot with 14 billionaires. With a population of 103,299,994, this means that there’s one billionaire for every 7,378,571 Filipinos.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon is the most loaded person not just in the United States but in the whole world with a net worth of $110.7 billion.

SM Group’s Henry Sy is the Philippines’ richest man with a net worth of $21.7 billion.

The report added, “There are roughly 36 million millionaires in the world. However, the billionaire on the other hand is a much rarer breed. According to Forbes, there are just over 2,000 billionaires in existence, making up just 0.00003% of the global population.

Check out the infographic in full here:

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