Philippine Independence Day in the Millennial Era

We The Pvblic

If you didn’t know, Philippine Independence Day wasn’t originally celebrated on June 12. During 1946 to 1964, it was designed for July 4, the day when Americans formally ended their colonization of the Philippines in 1946.

This ended the Commonwealth government established in 1935. Then-President Diosdado Macapagal signed Republic Act 4166 that moved the date from July 4 to June 12 in Augurst 4, 1964.

The act caused the legalization of the holiday based on the Declaration of Independence of June 12, 1898 by General Emilio Aguinaldo and Filipino revolutionary forces. The Philippine flag was raised and the national anthem was played in 1898 for the first time.

This 119th Philippine Independence Day, we millennials are reminded that it’s the day to exercise liberty and independence. It’s an assertion to claim freedom and pride.

It’s not just a rest day, but rather, a reminder, that you can be independent from anything or anyone who holds you prisoner.

Remember that you can achieve and be greater than you ever were before, and become whoever you want to be. That is what our national heroes along with our elders did for us. Honor your independence. Honor your pride and dignity. Enjoy your freedom.

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