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We could probably recreate life with PhilHealth’s PHP 21M Adobe software


With a price tag like that, it has to involve miracles

Fresh from a corruption scandal worth PHP 15 billion, PhilHealth is now under fire for the overpriced costing of its Information and Communications Technology (ICT) projects. PhilHealth board member Alejandro Cabading revealed during the Senate probe that the 2.1 billion proposed budget was overinflated by a whopping PHP 734 million.

Apart from items that weren’t included in the approved budget plan by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), some acquisitions saw a bajillion price increase from their original costs.

Apparently, Cabading tried to raise the alarm on the inflated figures to his superiors, but later realized that ‘management seems to be tolerating such fraudulent acts’.

The proposed 2020 budget of PhilHealth's ICT sector was bloated by at least P734 million.Here are some of the proposal…

Posted by Rappler on Wednesday, August 5, 2020


One example is the Adobe Master Collection Software, which went from a PHP 168K tag to a proposed PHP 21M. Now, artists have done decent edits on way, waayyy cheaper programs, so we’d imagine 21 million would allow us to literally craft a baby to life with a pen and tablet.

That or PhilHealth is investing in a decent special effects studio to avoid any more Victor Magtanggol-esque debacles.

Philhealth, <b> We could probably recreate life with PhilHealth&#8217;s PHP 21M Adobe software </b>

Either way, it’ll be comforting to know that PhilHealth chief Ricardo Morales, who approved the hefty expenses, sees nothing wrong with the irregularities.

‘Information technology is a very complicated system’, justified Morales. Complicated enough for vast discrepancies, we guess.

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